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mosquito forecast

Mosquito Forecast
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Mosquito forecast

Stay on top of the mosquito scene with localized reports built on 60 years of insect science and millions of data points.

The science behind our OFF!Cast Mosquito ForecastTM

Updated daily with over 15 billion weather data points

15 Billion

Backed by 60 years of research at the SC Johnson Center for Insect ScienceTM

60 Years

Verified by over 33 million data points from mosquito traps

33 Million

OFF!® Products

Whatever you need, there’s an OFF!® bug repellent to help you enjoy more of what you love.

OFF!Cast In the News

OFF!’s mosquito forecasting tool predicts “severe” activity in Miami for Memorial Day weekend


OFF!® Brand and The Weather Channel Partner to Launch New In-App Mosquito Forecast

About OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast™

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Get your local 7-day mosquito forecast weekly