Once upon a time, all of our favorite fairytale characters went outside and started their adventures. But, what would have happened if instead of going outside, they chose to stay indoors? Find out in our new collection of Never Starting Tales!
The Never Starting Tales
The Tale of The Never Starting Tales
Discover OFF!’s “Never Starting Tales” – a collection of reinterpreted fairytales – and see how they inspired families to spend more time outdoors, protected from mosquitoes.
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little red riding hood
Little Red Riding Hood
When Little Red Riding Hood had to take the forest path to care for her grandmother, she refused, so her mother went instead. But, Little Red would soon learn that staying inside could cost her gravely.
Instead of living a life of legend, Hercules chose to spend his days playing on his stone tablet. And while that made him happy, he’d soon learn an important lesson about what being a true hero was all about.
three little pigs
The Three Little Pigs
When Momma Pig sent her sons to play outside, the youngest chose to stay in and play games. But, when his brothers returned, he would realize he’d missed out on becoming a town hero.
After her father remarried, Cinderella had to work for her stepmother and sisters. But, when she finally had the opportunity to change her life, she decided to stay home and binge on TV, unaware of the chance she was missing out on.
jack and beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
Doing a simple task for his mother could’ve brought Jack face to face with the adventure of a lifetime. But he chose to stay inside playing with his magical game. So, Billy, the neighbor, went instead, and that’s how his adventure began!
peter and wendy
Peter & Wendy
When Peter Pan invited Wendy and her two younger brothers to go off to Neverland, Wendy said she was too grown up for such adventures. But when the boys returned, she realized age had nothing to do with the joy of a good adventure.